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Josh and Shonnie, an audacious husband and wife real estate agent team, regarded as the Thomas duo, possess a tireless passion for the Dallas real estate arena. Their career spanning 10+ years has elevated them to the status of trusted advisors within the industry, with significant influence to their credit. As real estate fanatics, their devotion succeeds industry standards with continuing education, ensuring they remain at the forefront of DFW trends and changes.

Josh's discernment in residential data analysis and market risk management seamlessly complements Shonnie's licensure as an appraiser and broker, rendering them an imposing force in the realms of commercial and residential acquisitions, as well as investments. Shonnie's distinctive ability to chisel through and disarm tough negotiations and Josh’s intimate familiarity with real estate market trends have yielded constant praise in 5-star reviews online. Their track record for selling 100% of their clients’ homes, and finding their buyers the perfect property has earned them a well-deserved acclaim for consistently attaining optimal outcomes.

Unlike their counterparts who impose a home’s living features onto their customers, Josh and Shonnie strive to locate the singular property that harmonizes with their clients' lifestyle needs. Whether it’s selling over 20% of their listings to their own buyers or uncovering another hidden off-market opportunity, Josh and Shonnie provide a client-centric approach that provides another distinct advantage to clients who work with them.

The partnership, forged over 15 years ago at the University at Buffalo, has flourished both personally and professionally. Josh's academic concentration centered on the world of mass marketing and media studies, while Shonnie's degrees in political science and legal studies led to a career as a paralegal.

Their diverse academic background, along with their shared passion for real estate, has enriched their trajectory and enabled them to leverage each other's strengths, fusing their collaborative endeavors with a unique blend of knowledge and expertise. Josh's unorthodox direct sales approach and ew-generation marketing ideas, coupled with Shonnie's ability to carve out solutions for any situation that poses a challenge, positions them as a force in the industry.

Josh and Shonnie are distinguished real estate agents who have made significant contributions to the Dallas real estate market. Their dedication to continuing education, coupled with their client-centric approach and commitment to fulfilling their clients' needs, establish them as invaluable resources for anyone seeking a seamless and successful real estate experience. Their mission to redefine standard practices in the industry underscores their deep passion for real estate, people, and their commitment to excellence.

This Thomas duo will put their proven set of skills to work for you, whether you're purchasing or selling. Call or text her at 972-619-7077, or email [email protected].

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